Haikus for Humbugs

Spreading holiday cheer one tweet at a time.

Leveraging Twitter and Tumblr, we created a cheeky microsite that enabled anyone to personally cheer up a disgruntled stranger and spread a little holiday cher.

Participants from over 90 countries created Haikus. Some of them super sweet, others absolutely hilarious.

Creativity International Award - Honorable mention 

Bees Awards - finalist for best innovation


Creative Direction / Advertising / Concept

Users scroll through a live feed of cranky holiday Tweets from every corner of the world. They select a favorite and craft a response Haiku. After choosing a festive background, they preview it and send it off to the Humbug. Once submitted, the Haiku is instantly uploaded to the Tumblr gallery and a link to view it is sent to the Humbug via the Twitter handle, @Haikus4Humbugs.

Recipients received a tweet telling them about their haiku and were directed to the gallery.

Moderation was built in and reflected the fun tone.

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