Helping Couples Save Together

Couples make up over half of US population and 70% fight more about money than anything else. Click! is a product concept designed to meet the unique needs couples have around communication and creating a shared strategy.



Couples are more than just two individuals

Couples are autonomous individuals working jointly in a partnership. This results in dynamics, behaviors and needs that differ from those of individuals.

76% share at least one account. 

Yet, banks don’t provide the products and services to address their unique needs. There's a huge opportunity to offer flexible solutions built specifically for couples to help them improve their financial health, resulting in new business and increased loyalty.

A bold and friendly look

The design combines the optimism of yellow with photography of real hands to create a distinct and ownable look. The use of photography not only sets the look apart; it also allows us to show a range of couples and communicate in a very human way.

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