Animal Instincts

Creating a fictitious brand to get spay and neuter top-of-mind.

Every year, 4 million unwanted cats and dogs are euthanized. In California alone, that amounts to 2,886 animals per day. And while almost everyone realizes the importance of getting their pet fixed the topic is rarely top-of-mind. We needed to grab peoples' attention and jump-start the conversation - enter Animal Instincts, the first condom designed for dogs and cats.


Creative Direction / Campaign / Concept

We created a pet condom machine and placed it in popular dog parks. The machine dispensed shrink-wrapped brochures that were designed to look like real condom packs and educated people about the importance of spaying and neutering your pet. We also created a website for our product. Every rollover revealed our message: "There's only one real fix. Spay or neuter your pet." and drove traffic to the official SF SPCA site, where you could book an appointment to get your pet fixed.

Getting results

With no media budget we were able to not only get noticed but were also covered in numerous magazines, newspapers, and television news programs. People talked, and, most importantly, the number of spays and neuters increased substantially at the SF SPCA's hospital.

Getting noticed


Reggie Awards: Super Reggie, Gold, Silver

Clios: Short-listed

Cannes: Short-listed

Echo Award – Leader Award

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