Hi, I'm Lotus Child.

Yes, that's my real name. I'm a strategic creative lead with a passion for solving business and communication problems and creating things.

Behold the Future
A New Way to Save
Product concept, Mobile UI/UX
Propel Venture Partners
Visual Design, UX/UI
Improving Your Credit
Visual Design, UI
SF SPCA Pet Condoms
Creative Direction, Strategy, Advertising, Experiential
Insurance Redefined.
Site, UI, Branding
PayPal Here
UI/UX, Web Design, Creative Direction
In Their Own Words
Art Direction, Design
SMB On-boarding
Visual Design, UI
Bishop O'Dowd
Art Direction, Visual Design, UI/UX,
Moto X Launch
POS, Video, Creative Direction
Print is Alive
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Creative Direction
Creating the SME Experience
Visual Design, UI
Group Delphi Museums
Art Direction, Visual Design, UX
Wear the Pants
Advertising, Graphic Design, Typography
Courageous Girls
Art Direction, Branding, Strategy, Visual Design
Haikus for Humbugs
Advertising, UI/UX, Creative Direction
Advertising, Branding, Creative Direction
Advertising, Branding, Creative Direction
HP PowerPlant
Art Direction, Packaging, Direct Mail
Yahoo! Music Award
Taco Bell Feed the Beat
Creative Direction, Advertising, UX/UI
A New Approach to Dog Food
Creative Direction, Strategy
Nike Retail Ad Kit
Advertising, design, print
Prospect Sierra Website
UI/UX, Visual Design
Reward Program Wireframes
SF SPCA Hospital Campaign
Creative Direction, Strategy, Advertising
LG Avatar Site
Advertising, Directing, Web Design
SF SPCA Anniversary Campaign
Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration
Balance Transfer Wireframes
Art Direction, Graphic Design
LG Chocolate
Creative Direction, Advertising, Visual Design, UX
Reliant Energy Days
Creative Direction, Strategy, Branding
LG Netbook Site
Creative Direction, Advertising, Visual Design, UX
SF SPCA Kitten Campaign
Creative Direction, Advertising
ICE Mad Feast Invitation
Graphic Design, Illustration
Advertising, Branding, Creative Direction
Paris Smarts Card Game
Graphic Design, Packaging
Digital Ignition
Creative Direction, UI/UX, Web Design
LG Bliss
Creative Direction, Advertising
Adobe Party Invite
Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
ArtCrank Bike Posters
Graphic Design, Illustration
That Guy
Creative Direction, Advertising, Digital
Busa Beats
Art Direction, UI/UX
Reliant Nest Insert
Creative Direction, Direct Mail
Buzz! Site
Art Direction, Web Design
Endangered Savers
Art Direction, Advertising, UI/UX
California Cafe
Art Direction, Advertising
Nike Cotton Club
Advertising, Graphic Design, Typography
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