This exercise was to design an airport self-service check in kiosk for visually disabled people by Thai Airways International. The goal was to show my design approach, generate 5 ideas (both short and long term) and present them in a strategic overview/framework to make it easy to compare ideas at a glance. Finally, I selected one idea to develop into a business concept.
I evaluated the current check-in experience, researched trends, and learned everything I could about vision impairment. I also attended meetups with vision impaired people to better understand their needs. From my research I generated 3 personas.
After synthesizing all of the information I brainstormed a variety of ideas, netting out on seven that I fleshed out. I then created a framework for evaluation.

Finally I blew out my recommended concept and designed an interface to bring it to life. You can view the full deck here.
(I had some fun with the name — Kohsoom is Lotus in Thai)
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